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Thank you for visiting our website. We are local locksmiths ensuring increased security to the entire community. Our team offer a fast, reliable and high quality service and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us now if you have a broken or faulty lock and we can be with you in 30 minutes to assist your request.

You never know when you might need a locksmith, it is more common than most people think to find yourself locked out of your own property. Let’s say you misplaced your keys after walking home from the pub and find yourself stuck outside your property with no way to get it. All you need is our number to hand and we can be there within 30 minutes to get your back in your property with minimal fuss and damage.

Our team is fully trained and equipped to deal with a variety of lock and security problems and carry with them a wide range of tools and materials in their van to ensure they are prepared to deal with any type of lock type or style. All of our locks are in compliance with insurance criteria and are made using the latest technology to ensure your property is secured to the highest level when choosing Hanham Locksmiths. Despite our high quality level of service and the range of locks we supply, our prices are the most reasonable in the area, saving you the need to hunt around the find the best rates. You are guaranteed a professional service by expert locksmiths Hanham.

Lockout sorted with Locksmith Hanham

Lockout situations can cause a great deal of anxiety for many reasons. For example, when you are baking something in the oven, take the garbage out and the wind blows your door shut. Or maybe you have left your iron on. sometimes you can lock yourself out when it is very cold or pouring down. People get more stressed when they are wet and cold.

But Locksmith Hanham are determined to help you with each of those reasons. Because we answer the phone quickly when you call us. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That is why our arrival time is only 30 minutes in average.

Door handleYou might be worrying about spending a lot of money. Even the have heard that some locksmiths are not very trustworthy. They will say one amount on the phone and then will charge another one. They can for forgot to mention VAT or call out charges. Some other locksmith businesses charge the biggest amount for the locks they replace. We are investigating and searching for the cheapest locks with best quality. That is to make sure that we are affordable. We understand that getting locked out or locked in is a big problem enough. That’s why we don’t want it to cost you the biggest amount of money. It’s been stressful enough for you.

Locksmith Hanham offer genuinely low prices with no additional call out fees or hidden costs. The won’t add VAT or call-out charge on top of the price we have quoted on the phone. Also we work 24-hours a day and that is every week and every day of the week. We are making sure that people in Hanham are looked after. Our call is to help our customers. To make their lives easier not harder.

Fast Response

We know from experience and talking with our customers how stressful it can be to be locked out of your home. It’s disruptive, stressful and concerning. In that situation, we can be there in under an hour and get you back into your home in under an hour too, with a friendly locksmith who knows exactly what they are doing. Reassuring, reliable and professional – that’s locksmith Hanham.

Something that we take pride in here is how long we have been serving the local residential and business needs of Hanham. As a local service ourselves, we understand how disruptive being locked out of your business can be, or how important it is to ensure that your business is as secured as it could be. Burglaries are getting more sophisticated and we want to ensure that your business security matches that level. We can offer a security solution that matches your specific weaknesses, concerns and budget.

cylinder replace done

Our locksmiths here at locksmith Hanham are professional and focused in their approach. They use their years of experience facing all kinds of lock-related issues and types of locks to provide a service that is high quality, with a solution that is effective and fast-acting. Part of this comes from continual updating of our skills and knowledge using the latest industry training and tools on the job. It’s always the best, with locksmith Hanham.

We operate around the clock and work flexibly so you don’t have to. Whenever you need us, whether that’s before the school run, after work, on a weekend or a national holiday, we can be there. So call us today and let us help – we are confident we can and have just the solution you’re looking for.

Locked Out? Call Locksmith Hanham!

Locksmith Hanham is proud to have been serving the local needs of the residents and businesses of Hanham for years now. We are able to offer a comprehensive, professional locksmith service aimed at delivering the very best solutions for customers. Our experience working as locksmiths over the years means locksmith Hanham has seen all kind of problems and found effective solutions for customers. We know what approach works best, so whatever your lock-related issue is, we can provide you with an answer that really works.

car keys on key ring table top by Locksmith Hanham

We are a fact-acting locksmith because we know that when you’re locked out or need a lock installed, you want the job done as quickly as possible as your day is already disrupted. This is especially important when it is an emergency and you need to be safe inside your home. Responding to most calls within 1-2 hours, and working on lock outs in an hour, you can count on us to find you a solution fast without compromising on the quality.

Locksmiths aren’t just for lock-out emergencies. We can help update and improve your home security. Common situations include where a partner has left the home or employee left the business, and customers require a lock change to ensure the safety of their property. The overall security of our customers is important to Hanham locksmiths. We can assess the weak points of your property by performing a security survey, and then offer tailored suggestions for improving it. From security chains, to anti-snap locks and shutters, there’s something to make you feel safer today.

Local Locksmith in Bristol at Hanham

It puts our customers minds at ease knowing they have a local locksmith they can call on in times of emergencies. Say you are standing outside your door with a snapped key in the lock and its pouring with rain or blowing winds from storm Ciara or Dennis? In that moment you will want Locksmith Hanham’s number saved in your phone.

gold key lock in door installed after security survey

We can be with you any time of day or night, any time of year, because we believe in being there for every customer no matter what. Let us help you today and take the stress out of your day. We offer a fast, effective and comprehensive solution every time and you will be overwhelmed by how friendly and professional our locksmiths are.

Our locksmiths at Locksmiths Hanham have worked local to the area of Hanham for years and combine this experience of seeing all kinds of locks and lock-related issues in residences and businesses alike with the latest industry knowledge and tools. They really are the full package without the premium price. That’s because we ensure competitive prices without any sneaky hidden fees, VAT or call out costs. We tick the box everytime.

Call our office today for a free quote and to schedule in our professional. We can be with you within the hour and complete a job within the hour – it really is simple with us.

Tips For You

As life gets busier and more hectic, with more demands on your time, its understandable you might forget your keys in the rush. That can lead to being locked out which is unpleasant. But don’t worry, locksmith Hanham has your back. Not only in the locked out situation, but with some preventative advice aimed at reducing the likelihood of this happening. With our 24 hour locksmith service we can get to you whenever you’re locked out. Whether this is 2am or 6pm after work we will be there as fast as we possibly can and in any event under 2 hours.

bunch of keys key ring locksmith Hanham

But our tips today are aimed at preventing that situation even happening. These come from Hanham locksmith experience helping all kinds of customers out of locked out situations. We ask customers how it happened so we can prevent it happening again for another customer. So these are our tried and tested methods aimed at the two most common reasons for being locked out. The first is that customers forget their keys when they leave the house and the second is that they lose them on the go.

Starting with the first reason locksmiths Hanham recommends getting yourself a bowl in your hallway or a hook in your wall. This is aimed at ensuring that when you come in the FIRST thing that you do is put those keys in the bowl. You don’t wander off around the house putting them in random places or leave them in your suit pocket. Then the last thing you are doing too is grabbing them before you leave. And for on the go, Hanham locksmiths recommends getting a key ring. Simple, sure, but putting all your keys in one place bulks them out making them harder to lose. You know where they are and can attach them to jeans, wallets, bags, etc. Trust in our tips today and try them out!

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